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December 10, 2018

Moving Home at Christmas

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Moving Home at Christmas Many people are still Moving Home at Christmas Time.  In the run up to Christmas it is still rather popular to move house with many people trying to move house before Christmas so they can enjoy Christmas in their new home. As a Removals Company in Manchester, we have been very busy in December and are still taking bookings up until the 23rd December. As the month of December is a short month with many Solicitors and Removals Companies being closed between Christmas and New Year resulting in a shorter period to move house with only 3
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Do it yourself removals
I know I run a removal company, so I will try and be as unbiased as possible. Firstly, not everyone needs to hire a professional house removals company. Making the decision between DIY moves and hiring a Professional House Removals Company, is not an easy decision to make. Most people chose DIY moves for local moves within the UK, generally DIY moves are not suitable for long distance or overseas removals. To help with your decision, you first need to be clear about your priorities. Most people immediately decide based on money and time. With many DIY moves this may
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what to do before moving house
Moving house can some times be stressful, but it can also be enjoyable – as long as you’re prepared! We have compiled a short list of 5 key things you should probably do before moving day. It is best to get a professional house removals company involved with your move. It will reduce your stress, you will be thankful at the end of your move day. read more
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Selling and moving home
Home Staging Did you know that 18% of viewers decide whether they will make an offer the moment they walk through the door? First impressions count and no more so when you’re trying to sell your home. With top tips on cleaning, de-cluttering, furniture storage, DIY, décor and more—impress buyers and increase your chances of a quick sale with this home staging infographic from Wayfair UK.
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Australia is well known as the most popular destination for British expats, but once you’ve decided to make the move to the land down under, you’ll need to decide which personal effects to take with you. When planning what to move to Australia, you should be aware that there are various taxes and duties to be paid when importing certain goods, as well as accompanying paperwork to ensure everything gets through customs smoothly. Being aware of the tax implications will help you to make the best decisions on the goods you take into the country. Tax-exempt goods If you intend
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